Ottawa Recreation Center Goppert Building

Set into the heart of a residential neighborhood, and adjacent to the community schools complex, this new city recreation center was the result of community input that revealed a focus on providing an elevated running/walking track. With a very limited budget and a vision for community use of all types and ages, this facility was designed to exploit the running track as a visible element of the project.

The track wraps the perimeter of the gymnasium and breaks out of the building’s rectilinear framework to announce itself with full height windows and a large cantilever at the building entry, providing a covered arrival/waiting area. A translucent perimeter clerestory was critical to the design, allowing the building users to operate the large gymnasium without artificial lighting during daylight hours, and reducing overall energy use by over 50% of similar building types. This ribbed polycarbonate panel complements the corrugated steel panels and is offset by the building’s durable and contextual brick base.

Interior materials echo this attention to durability with polished concrete floors, polycarbonate panels, and exposed steel. The warm wood tones of the gymnasium and multipurpose room floors and the bold orange walls complement the industrial materials and create a warm inviting atmosphere.