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  • Lawrence-Douglas County Community Health Facility*
  • Reed Medical Group Facilities Master Plan*
  • Evergreen Hospital Medical Center Outpatient Diagnostic and Health Care Center*
  • Evergreen Hospital Medical Center East Pavilion Addition*
  • Evergreen Hospital Medical Center Master Plan*
  • Evergreen Hospice Programming*
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Programming and Master Plan*
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Addition*
  • Group Health Central Medical Center South*
  • King County Public Health Centers*
  • Kennewick General Master Plan*
  • Kennewick General Hospital Medical Office Building *
  • Kennewick General Hospital Addition*
  • Legacy Health Systems Medical Clinic*
  • Metropolitan Westside Clinic*
  • St. Joseph Medical Office Building*
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center Medical Office Building*
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center Western Clinic*
  • Genetic Systems Corporation*
  • St. Clair Hospital Master Plan*
  • * work prior to forming Clark Huesemann