Lawrence Public Library Renovation and Addition

Through extensive community input, a bond referendum was passed to expand and renovate the existing downtown library in Lawrence, Kansas. In addition to the library expansion, a new structured parking facility and an outdoor community plaza complete the project.

Expansion and renovation of this library facility was designed to respond to the adjacent historic district requirements, creating a new civic image and enhancing the adjacent urban and pedestrian-oriented fabric.

The perimeter of the completed facility will be filled with social and reading spaces, computer and study alcoves, children and youth spaces, and display. The center will remain populated with the more densely filled shelving areas, additional seating, and support spaces. Through this organizational concept, daylight is focused in people spaces, and allowed to permeate deeply into the facility. This open flexible layout was critical to the long-term growth and change anticipated in the library environment.

The new perimeter wall system modulates and distributes daylight while reducing overall energy usage of the facility by half, even with the expansion of the square footage by one-third. Existing recently replaced HVAC equipment was retained and the energy savings was gained by careful design and placement of the new addition, utilizing daylight harvesting and a highly insulated exterior envelope.