Kansas Children's Discovery Center

This pavilion in the park is located on a 9-acre site at the juncture of the natural woods, and the manicured grass of the city park. The building acts as a bridge and entry into the inner portion of the woods where visitors of all ages find a multitude of interactive, educational experiences.

The glassy perimeter of the exhibit gallery is designed to connect the interior and exterior landscapes together providing a broad and varied play and learning environment. The playful building columns and undulating roofline shade the harsh summer sun but allow the warm winter light to assist with heating the building, and the daylight to reduce the need for artificial lighting. The honeycomb glass at the building’s entry beacon glows a bright yellow and transforms views through it as visitors pass by. The west wall is shaded with colored glass representing the wavelengths of light in the visible light spectrum, and transforming the landscape and the interiors environment.

Natural prairie grasses and rain gardens dot the site, filtering site runoff and providing educational experiences. Careful exterior wall detailing, a high efficiency heating and cooling system, and design that maximizes the available daylight and solar exposure significantly reduces energy usage.

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