University of Kansas School of Education

Renovation of this 1960's era dormitory involved extensive review and consideration for the low floor-to-floor heights of the concrete structure, and the closely spaced column grid. Transforming this former residence hall into a state of the art academic office and instructional building required innovative approaches to corridor layout, office suites, and classroom spaces, and a proactive strategy for integration of new mechanical systems, lighting, fire protection, and data.

Positioned on a steeply sloping site, the two new main entrances of the building spanned 3 floor levels and needed to be connected for clear way finding and sharing of common spaces. A gently rolling stair was included with multiple open connections for visibility through the spaces to daylight in each direction. Common spaces, art exhibit space, library, and classroom/auditorium functions were grouped along this central vertical transition spine flooded with daylight.

Upper floors were organized into groups and suites to allow for maximum access to daylight and a symbiotic relationship between private offices and open office and shared space. The shared and open office spaces were grouped to provide large areas of daylight and create wide open zones in the corridor system to allow for casual conversation and collaboration.

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